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Now Available : Spiritual Technology

On the transition from profane technology to sacred technology in preparation for the Great Shabbat

Probing deeply into the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, focusing especially on the character of the nachash (serpent, snake, sneak), the author explains that we are presently in the period of history that corresponds to that fateful Friday in Eden. He shows how the teachings of the Torah are the antidote that allows us to finally stop making the same mistake and begin the process of tikun (repair) that will bring healing to our world. He explains the problems with modern technology—and the mindset behind it—and how the inner, prophetic, spiritual technology of the Torah can help us make a major paradigm shift away from the path of destruction to true redemption. The teachings in this book show that the possibility of transforming this world into heaven is actually what the Torah is all about.

“We are living in a special time, a pregnant time...a time about which our ancestors dreamed and saw visions. It is an awesome time in which everything hangs in the balance and all of history is coming to its culmination. It is a time in which the reasons for many things will be revealed. The single most important thing that we will understand (which includes everything else) is God’s plan for us. We will understand that, through supernatural and natural means, God is bringing this plan to fruition. This involves moving into the next stage of history, the Messianic Age, the return to Edenic consciousness on a higher level...” (from the Introduction).

One reader’s review: “This book is so life changing that it’s so hard to put it into words. We all (should) know that we are on this earth to rectify the sin of Adam and Eve. But what exactly was the sin that was committed? What was he and earth like before the sin? What effect did the sin have on earth and us? Who are we? What are we? What’s a soul? What was and is Gan Eden? How do we rectify the sin? What’s the essence of evil? Where does it originate? What is technology? Where is it taking us? What’s Torah technology and where will IT take us? What is the Great Shabbat? What is Mashiach and what are the irrefutable proofs that ‘his foot is in the door’? What will happen to us and earth before, when, after, way after, and way way after he comes? All this and more is explained beautifully and simply in this ‘Treasure Box.’ It’s as if the author took many threads of fine wool and wove them into an indescribably beautiful garment! Every page you finish you will find your lips moving in a shocking ‘wow’ motion. You will not want to put it down. When completed, you will have a new and true outlook on earth, life, and especially yourself. A MUST READ. P.S. The image on the front cover is a portrait of Adam in the Garden of Eden, holding and looking at the forbidden fruit based on Torah/Kabbalah sources...Not iron man.” (Ezra Levy, New York)

Avraham Sutton is not just another author, and Spiritual Technology is not just another book.