US Trip January 2018

US Trip January 2018

9. #9 audio only
The Mystery of Bowing
Kabbalah Day, JCC Manhattan
this audio is currently missing but will be added soon

8. 2018 01 28 Rabbi Avraham Sutton
Kabbalah Day, JCC Manhattan
1 hour 8 minutes

7. #7 audio only
Introductory Meditation for Kabbalah Day at JCC Manhattan
January 28, 2018
this audio is currently missing but will be added soon

6. 2018 01 24 Rabbi Avraham Sutton
The Soul of King David
Manhattan, New York
January 25, 2018
1 hour 25 minutes

5. 2018 01 24 Rabbi Avraham Sutton
A Spiritual History of the World. A Psychology of the Soul
Manhattan, New York
January 24, 2018
1 hour 42 minutes

4. 2018 01 21 Rabbi Avraham Sutton
The Geulah-Redemption Process and the Power of Passover in Our Generation
Shaare Tova Synagogue
Queens, New York
January 21, 2018

3. 2018 01 17 Rabbi Avraham Sutton
Rabbi Nachman’s System of Hitbodedut: Revealing the Experiential Level Behind All Our Prayers
Brooklyn, New York
1 hour 22 minutes

About video #3 from Rabbi Avraham Sutton: “Toward the end I got a little sidetracked. I didn’t show how Viduy (Confession, Coming Clean, Clearing) and Nefilat Apayim (Falling on our Face, Self-Nullification) parallel the level of complete bitul (self-effacement, ego-death) that Rabbi Nachman teaches us how to reach at the pinnacle of Hitbodedut (Likutey Moharan 1:52). After Viduy, we then go further. We take the Torah out of the Ark. This is the top of the Mountain/Ladder of Prayer. Here Hashem reveals a new level of Torah to us (Torah is from Orah, Light, Divine Illumination; not simply knowledge but deep life wisdom), the torah of our life, revealed to each one of us and all of us together, after divesting and dissociating from all external form. From that point on, we come back down with that new Torah, that powerful light of Torah; we return to and re-invest in all the levels of “I” that we left behind on the way up. This was the point of the entire talk: To access the pure essence of Godliness within, in order to return and rectify all the filters, vessels, garments, masks, and blocks that have hitherto prevented us from becoming truly alive. Divesting all form in order to return to form, and trans-form ourselves and the world, until “Umale’a ha’aretz de’ah et Hashem k’mayim l’yam mekhasim–the entire world is filled/permeated with consciousness of the ONE like the sea is filled with water,” and “Esh’pokh ruchi all kol basar–I [Hashem] will pour My prophetic spirit upon all flesh.” Amen.”

fyi: video #3 currently has a permissions issue, but will be fixed soon

2. 2018 01 16 Rabbi Avraham Sutton
The Collective Drama of the Souls
Los Angeles, California
January 15, 2018
1 hour 48 minutes

1. 2018 01 16 Rabbi Avraham Sutton
Entering the Holy of Holies Within
The World is God’s Temple
Los Angeles, California
January 15, 2018
1 hour 6 minutes

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