Meet Avraham

Meet Avraham

Avraham Sutton is an Orthodox Torah mentor, teacher, and author. For over 30 years he has been learning and teaching prophetic Torah, kabbalah, talmud, midrash, chassidut, prayer and meditation, and sacred song. He has translated, edited and/or authored over 20 major works in English on the deeper significance of Torah for our age.

Avraham is a unique Torah scholar. Steeped in the tradition of the great masters (the Talmud, the Midrash, the Zohar, the Ari, the Baal Shem Tov, the Ramchal, the Gra, Rabbi Nachman, the Ben Ish Chai, the Leshem, etc.), he is an “insider” of Torah. He helps us go “behind the scenes” to understand how Hashem’s Plan for Israel and Mankind is in full swing at this very moment. Based on ancient sources, he unfolds a breathtaking prophetic vision of the future direction of our planet, of mankind-of everything. Avraham emphasizes that the changes we are looking forward to are not going to happen “out there” on the outer stage of history until they happen “inside” each and every one of us. He teaches the importance of inner work, of knowing who we are, and why we (our souls) have been born at this momentous time.

Born in the US, Avraham has lived in Israel since 1977, and has imbibed Torah from some of the great teachers in Jerusalem. He addresses the deeper soul-issues of our age. He speaks about the meaning of living at this crucial time in history. He is a scholar, but one who speaks from the heart. His teachings all revolve around the need to develop a greater awareness of God in our lives


Born in 1949 in Los Angeles to Syrian Sefardic parents, he attended the University of California (U.C.L.A., Berkeley, Santa Cruz), graduating in 1972 with a major in “Communication” (which included the History of Religion and Mythology, History of Consciousness, and the Psychology of Dreams and the Soul). In 1974, after spending the next two years in Los Angeles rediscovering his Jewish roots, he traveled to Israel to study Torah in a yeshivah for the first time. This was the beginning of an intense 11-year period during which he married and began raising a family, and learned from and bondedwith some of the great teachers of Jerusalem.

1974-1975 Dvar Yerushalayim Jerusalem, Rabbi Baruch Horowitz.
1975-1977 Mikdash Melech New York, Rabbi Chayim Benoliel.
1977-1980 Ohr Sameach Givat Ada, Jerusalem
1980-1981 Nachliel Migdal HaEmek, Rabbi Nachman Bulman z”l.
1981-1985 HaChayim VeHaShalom-Israeli Rabbinical and Kabbalistic Yeshivah, Jerusalem, Rabbi Eliyahu Attieh and Rabbi Mordechai Attieh.

Following this, from 1985-1990, he was the head of English research and development for Arachim Seminars in Israel, and the sole researcher, translator, and editor of Pathways to the Torah, the official sourcebook used in Arachim and Discovery Seminars worldwide. During this time he edited and updated Survival-Israel and Mankind by Rabbi Raphael Eisenberg (posthumously, with the author’s widow), which has since been translated into French, Russian, and most recently Hebrew.

He compiled, edited, and annotated Innerspace-Introduction to Kabbalah, Meditation and Prophecy from transcripts of classes given by the late Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan. Since its publication in 1990, Innerspace continues to be considered one of the finest introductions to authentic Jewish mysticism in the English language. Subsequently, he edited the second volume of Rabbi Kaplan’s celebrated Handbook of Jewish Thought. He was also co-author of a unique website called The 2001 Principle. Dedicated to bridging the gap between the Torah and the most advanced theories of science.

This website-which features his Torah teachings in written, audio, and video format-is dedicated to raising consciousness about the relationship between personal and collective redemption, and how these two levels of redemption go hand in hand. Personal redemption involves the potential that each and every human has to develop a personal relationship with the Creator. Collective redemption involves the final awakening of Israel and Mankind to its highest calling. The relationship between these two permeates his teaching and his writing.

In my teaching I feel compelled to share Torah in a way that gives us a peek (and a peak experience) of who we really are from the point of view of heaven. To this end, I draw on the Torah tradition to share any number of meditative and cosmological teachings . I believe it is possible for our generation to utilize the deeper teachings of the Torah to penetrate behind the scenes of our lives. To facilitate this, I often use the symbolism of the Matrix. Indeed, many of us were using it even before the movie. We just didn’t have that particular word . Instead we used Mitzrayim. It is tremendously helpful, when we are talking about the meaning of being in Mitzrayim, to bring it home that it isn’ t something that once was. It is rather describing something that is, that is now. It allows us to use the story of Pharaoh and Mitzrayim as a paradigm for this entire reality we call olam hazeh (this world). The Exodus of the children of Israel from Egypt becomes a metaphor for the liberation of our neshamot (souls) from the illusion of olam hazeh . We can then make a critical internal shift . We are no longer just bodies with souls, but souls inhabiting bodies. We are no longer just bnei olam hazeh (children of this world) , but bnei olam haba (children of the next world even while living in this-world ) . We are no longer slaves to Pharaoh, but souls with a heavenly mission. This is where all these amazing teachings from the Ari, the Baal Shem Tov, the Vilna Gaon, the Ramchal , and Rabbi Nachman come in. They broke out of the matrix …

Avraham Sutton


Avraham Sutton’s experiential teaching style awakened my soul, challenged my mind, and opened my heart to the inner dimensions of prayer, Kabbalah and Jewish spirituality. I was so deeply touched that I followed him on his venue… all the way through an Orthodox Shabbaton. Avraham’s work is so profoundly relevant that I have implemented his teachings into my davening and made study of his books a daily practice. As a part-time Jewish school teacher, I have inspired adults, teens and children with Avraham’s enlightening and joyful insights.

Mitch Ross, Los Angeles

I have known Rabbi Sutton for a number of years, both personally and professionally. He is an absolutely riveting teacher and educator. I have often marveled as his ability to change his directions, mid-speech or lecture to ‘meet’ with the emotional and/or intellectual demands of his audience. Consequently, he leaves the audience spell-bound and highly engaged. It is typical for the students to rush up to him after his presentation to attempt to ‘grab more’ from him. On a personal note, Rabbi Sutton is a gentle man with a keen intellect. He possesses a unique ability to form a gestalt, a whole, where there was previously none. He is warm and attentive towards others and I have never heard him utter a disparaging word about anyone, instead, always giving the benefit of the doubt. The result of these character traits is that he is well-loved and respected by others (and certainly by me).

Dr. Yerachmiel Kramer, Israel

R. Avraham Sutton is an exceptional teacher and friend to all. His shiurim are prepared with love and great insight, forming a session that touches the heart of every person that attends in a manner specific to each one. He inspires, challenges, and always leaves one with a sense of being somehow lighter and closer to Hashem. Rav Sutton is a person who genuinely cares for his fellow Jew. His shiurim are followed through with love and care. In his humble way, he is always there for us. His writing and singing continue this unique approach. I highly recommend getting to know this very special Jew. I am honored to have come to know him and to learn from him.

Shoshanah Rabinovitch, Jerusalem

Avraham Sutton is a Torah scholar, master teacher, mentor, a completely humble Yid and a Mentsch. He is an example par excellence of how the best blend of holy roles can be successfully integrated into one God-given soulful neshamah. From a variety of learning experiences with Rav Sutton, in each and every setting, all different from each other, I have witnessed a master teacher who adapts ‘on the spot’ to the varying needs of those assembled. Rav Sutton has the ability to translate Torah and limudei kodesh to suit the particular level of any assembled audience. He is a unique blend of a powerful and gentle teacher, and a man who embodies living Torah in every act or mitzvah that he performs seemingly effortlessly. I recommend Rav Sutton to you for any learning or teaching experience, without reservation. Especially noteworthy about Rav Sutton is his vast breadth and depth of Torah-based knowledge, and other topics too numerous to mention, all taught with his characteristic humility, quietude, and sweet sense of humor interspersed throughout. Happy are those who have the opportunity to meet him and learn from him.

Dr. Tovah C. Silver, Brookline, Diplomate in Clinical Psychology, American Psychological Association

Avraham Sutton is consumed with mining Judaism’s foundation for its gems and delivering them articulately and cohesively. So desperately needed today by so many, more than merely inspiring, his message stirs the very substance of the Jewish soul to restoration. Rabbi Sutton teaches what has been fundamental and universal from the beginning, but which has not been available as an understandable unity to those who are not similarly wise and familiar with the sources, and the Hebrew of the sages. Understanding why we are, and where we are going, is only a minor portion of the power of his message that he offers with equal adeptness in Hebrew and English. The anointing, what happens deep inside, is the experience of the holy from which increasing commitment to Hashem’s expectations is a regular consequence. When Rabbi Sutton sings, from his first note, no one could possibly question where his soul has visited. Rabbi Sutton has prepared his publications with extraordinary dedication to clarity through rich and comprehensively descriptive prose. Rabbi Sutton’s service to Jews around the world is unique. After more than twenty years of preparation, now, in its time, it is really beginning. I write this with love, commitment, and awe-filled respect for my ‘brother’ whom I first met eight years ago here in Israel. Throughout this time, I watched him labor and suffer, waiting for Hashem to finally give him the voice to fulfill what he was chosen to do. I saw it finally happen in fullness this last Shabbat in Ramat Beit Shemesh (November 2003).

Dr. Pesach Goodley, Telz-Stone, Israel

I have been asked to write about my teacher and friend R ‘ Avraham Sutton. One can say that in our life Hashem sends people if we merit it, to save our neshamas. Avraham was such a person to me. You see, my soul has been drawn to the inner work of prayer and meditation, and when I was in Israel years ago, I looked in vain for someone who could guide me in this work. No one offered their services, and in fact, I was pushed away, as many of our people sadly have been in their search. I drifted away from Yiddishkeit for many years because of that. Somehow I connected to Avraham and he freely supported my search and LISTENED to my pain as a searching Jew. Needless to say, he has produced a great body of work that stands on its own (God willing, one day, a Jewish publisher will have the courage to publish them!). R ‘ Sutton sends me his teachings, in both written form and recorded tapes . Last summer, I had the zechut to meet my teacher in person (I live in Berkeley California). I was also lucky to attend a shiur he gave, which was wonderful. I continue to study his work and be inspired and ever more connected to the deeper teachings in our tradition. What more can I say? If there were more people like Avraham , we would not be faced with the galut, not only physically but spiritually, that we now face. His knowledge of Torah is deep and his ability to gently relate to all Jews is something very special. He is my teacher and friend. May he be blessed to continue to share his wisdom and big heart!!

Shalom Spencer , Berkeley, California

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